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Testimonial from Anthony Ward

Anthony Ward
New England Painting

Customer Service GODS!

These guys know how to take care of local business owners.

Spray machine broke down on the job so I was in a real pinch. The guy that normally fixes my spray repair is booked out for weeks. These guys took care of it within 24 hours. Additionally when you walk in you are made to feel like they really care about your business. Really nice people. Super prompt service.

I almost want something else to break just so I can bring it here.

Top notch repairs and excellent customer service.

Very satisfied with this business.

I've been fabricating granite and marble for almost 20 years. Rich and the crew at MTR blew me away with the quality of repair work they did. I used to dread when a tool broke. I'd come to the conclusion that rebuilt pneumatic tools would never perform close to the same. I'm happy to say these guys proved me wrong. I brought 3 heavy duty pneumatic tools for repair. 2 Alpha PSG-125 grinders and an Alpha PSC-150 saw. One of the grinders had been siezed for at least 2 years. Not once did I expect to walk back out with both grinders fully functional, but that's exactly what I did. Not only did all 3 tools work, they performed well above my expectations for a rebuilt machine.

And thanks to Rich for swiftly replying to all my questions and concerns. The day I picked up and tested my rebuilt tools I told quite a few people and businesses about MTR. It's rare to find a competent repair shop so word needs to be spread.

Eric Porter

Eric Porter
ECO Stone

Testimonial from Sam Jennings

Gary McNeill
Chicago Pneumatic

They are an exceptional service and sales center.

My name is Gary McNeill and I am Area Sales Manager for Chicago Pneumatic.

Manchester Tool and Repair has been an Authorized Sales and Service Center for Chicago Pneumatic for many years and has provided outstanding sales and service since our relationship began many years ago. They are an exceptional service and sales center – with outstanding Customer Service with dedicated and knowledgeable staff. Richard and Sherri get things done and they get it done right !

Rich and his team have by far surpassed our expectations on every transaction.

As a manager of large rental company my expectations are set very high for good customer service and quality of work. We have been using Manchester Tool Repair for about 6 months now to assist in overflow repairs and expedited repairs. Rich and his team have by far surpassed our expectations on every transaction. The facility is extremely clean and well organized. If you live in the area and are not using Manchester Tool Repair your making a mistake. Keep up the great work folks and you have added another loyal customer to the list. Thank you.


Keith Archambault
United Rentals

Testimonial from Paul Beaudoin

Paul Beaudoin

Their website stated they had 10,000 parts!

So I went there looking for a replacement toggle switch. Rich had it mounted in the holding plate within minutes.

Very satisfied!! Dealing with a small LOCAL business was so much better than ordering online; paying the shipping costs; and then having to wait 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Thank you for your amazing service!

I was in the middle of building my shed when my framing gun quit working. When I took it in for repair and rich found out I was in the middle of a job he took the time to replace the trigger and fix my framing gun while I waited....

I was back to work within the hour.. it's nice to deal with people that are pleasant and believe in customer service.. thank you for your amazing service


Anfy Longtin

Testimonial from Sam Jennings

Eric Chase
Mayer Tree Service

I have these guys on speed dial....

You can’t find this kind of service just anywhere. I drive about 40 mins to these guys because I know that the time spent driving to them, would be spent, and then some waiting at a box store, only to leave empty-handed and out man hours. These guys (and Sherry), are all-inclusive, meaning you get what you went there for, and then some. I have these guys on speed dial as a consult, when purchasing tools. They haven’t led me wrong yet, and i don’t expect that they will either.

 Tools are these guys livelihood, and I encourage you to consult this company when buying tools, there is something to be said for the knowledge of knowing the ins and outs of your trade -- and they certainly possess that at MTR.

Manchester fixed it in less than a day!

Brought in a "Box Store" Generator that nobody in my area would work on....every place I brought it to said I should have bought one from them. Manchester Tool Repair fixed it in less then a day! Super nice and all for $168!

Will be back for anything I can't handle myself. 6000-watt Powerstroke generator.........they knew what the common problem was and fixed it to last. Thanks!!!!


Steve Robinson
Rochester, NH