About Manchester Tool Repair

We help companies keep their commercial-grade power tools and machines running at peak performance. For 15 years, customers have trusted us to perform preventative maintenance and repair critical tools. If your business relies on tools or machines, you should rely on Manchester Tool Repair.

Meet the Team

Rich Burnett

Founder / CEO

Karlene Burnett


Sheri Kowalske

Account Manager

Dave Soucy


Shawn Madore

Engine Technician

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Happy Customers

Testimonial from Sam Jennings

Eric Chase
Mayer Tree Service

I have these guys on speed dial....

You can’t find this kind of service just anywhere. I drive about 40 mins to these guys because I know that the time spent driving to them, would be spent, and then some waiting at a box store, only to leave empty-handed and out man hours. These guys (and Sherry), are all-inclusive, meaning you get what you went there for, and then some. I have these guys on speed dial as a consult, when purchasing tools. They haven’t led me wrong yet, and i don’t expect that they will either.

 Tools are these guys livelihood, and I encourage you to consult this company when buying tools, there is something to be said for the knowledge of knowing the ins and outs of your trade -- and they certainly possess that at MTR.

Manchester fixed it in less than a day!

Brought in a "Box Store" Generator that nobody in my area would work on....every place I brought it to said I should have bought one from them. Manchester Tool Repair fixed it in less then a day! Super nice and all for $168!

Will be back for anything I can't handle myself. 6000-watt Powerstroke generator.........they knew what the common problem was and fixed it to last. Thanks!!!!


Steve Robinson
Rochester, NH